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Best cheap Ryzen processor for gaming

In the following lines, we will list the most powerful and cheapest AMD Ryzen processors from the generation of Ryzen 3 and Ryzen 5, which provide high performance for a low price and are suitable for assembling a cheap gaming computer that costs about $ 400-800, including the price of the processor, the screen card and the rest of the parts.

We'll first begin by listing the options available from AMD RYZEN CPU gaming processors that are suitable for strong performance with games when you use a separate graphics card. Then we will talk about the Rizen APU processors that come with a built-in internal graphics card RX VEGA 8 or the modern RX VEGA11, which offers great performance for games with under-average devices at a cheap price.

Cheap AMD Ryzen 3 3100 gaming processor

With the Ryzen 3 3100 processor, you are at the start of medium gaming processors, as it can work well with Nvidia GTX16 cards and its equivalent AMD graphics cards, and it is compared with the ninth and tenth generation Core i3 processors and its position in the market is very strong for these reasons:

At a price of $ 99 - $ 115, you will get a processor that works with four cores and the number of lanes of 8 Threads and comes with a basic speed of 3.5Ghz and a speed of 3.6 with Boost Clock, and it is not intended for large overclocking, but in the basic performance is excellent for the middle and under average category with a cache of 16mb L3. It also supports a 7nm design, making it one of the most powerful competitors in the market with light energy consumption.

It provides excellent performance in video broadcasting and in gaming, at a frame rate that exceeds the processors that come at a price of $ 200 in the market, which is twice the price, and it consumes little power with a capacity of only 65 watts. You can get excellent 1080P gaming experience in most games on High Setting for a very nominal price.

AMD Ryzen ™ 3 3300X gaming average processor

This is the highest processor in the Ryzen 3 category, and it is the optimal choice compared to modern Core i3 processors, surpassing it and very close to the performance of Core i5-9400F by offering distinctive performance for a cheap price, as it is available at a price of $ 120 - $ 135 depending on the presence in your country, where it is heavily withdrawn due to For its performance.

You get 100+ FPS for most global games at the highest settings and it comes at a speed of 3.8GHz Base Clock, and it can also reach a core speed of 4.3Ghz with Max Boost technology with distinctive overclocking support and an 18mb cache with support for X570 motherboards and also B550 for high performance knowing that it works Like all Ryzen processors, B450 motherboards.

The Ryzen 3300X processor comes with 4 cores and 8-Thread processor and consumes only 65 watts from your power supply.

AMD Ryzen 1600 af processor

When you compare the Ryzen 5 1600F processor with processors in the same price range, it outperforms around 10% at an excellent price. Some say that it is the updated and miniature version of the Ryzen 5 2600 processor with a 12nm design and a cheaper price. It is also very popular and has ratings of 4.8 / 5 on most international stores.

The RYZEN 1600AF processor has 6 cores and 12 Thread at a price of approximately 105-125 $ in Egypt, but its price is somewhat high in other countries and it reaches prices compared to processors 2600 and higher, so check the price well and if it is not suitable then look at the next options to get the best price.

Notice: This AF processor is the latest version of the RYZEN 1600 which was based on the 14NM design and also it is a smaller updated version of the Ryzen 5 2600 but with a slight reduction in speed and a very big price difference!

It comes with a base speed of 3.2GHz and may reach 3.6GHz with the Turbo Boost feature, and it needs only 65 watts. As for the air cooler, the box comes with the distinctive Wraith Spire cooler from AMD to suit slight overclocking.

RYZEN 5 3600 processor

This beast is the best value and performance in the $ 200 price category and is suitable for heavy-duty gaming with an average frame rate of 144hz at 1080p resolution in the most popular games. Of course, it will be suitable for an average or above average gaming device, as it has a version of 3600X with higher capabilities and at only $ 225!

The Ryzen 3600 processor comes with 6 cores and 12 thread paths, and it works at a base clock speed of 3.6GHz, which can reach 4.2GHz, and requires approximately 95W of power. It is the most recommended in game bundles over $ 600 for excellent gaming experience and performance on 1080P resolution at ultra Setting settings in most games with possession of a powerful GTX16 graphics card or RTX 2000 graphics card.

AMD Ryzen APU processors

AMD Ryzen processors fall into two categories, which are CPU like the one mentioned in the previous paragraphs, and Ryzen APU processors characterized by the presence of an integrated graphics card, either the Radeon Vega 8 or the latest Radeon Vega 11 card, which offers excellent performance for the middle class for study and work tasks in addition to less than average gaming.

You sacrifice some frameworks for the 1080P experience but you are able to play all 2020 video games in HD with 720p screens, a feature of Rizen APU processors. Also, there is the possibility to add an external GPU graphics card in the future and get excellent performance to make you have a medium and higher class gaming computer capable of carrying out most of the tasks you need in a 1080p experience.

AMD APU processor - Ryzen 5 3400g

It is the best APU Processor Ryzen 5 on the market in terms of price and performance and is found in most computer assemblies, where the Ryzen 5 3400G processor comes with four cores and 8 Thread at 3.7GHz base clock and access to 4.2GHz with overclocking, but a little cache of 4MB L3, which means that it will perform less CPU processors at the same price with heavy software.

If you are someone who plays a little, you are not an addict or a professional, but an average gamer looking for a distinctive 720p gaming experience with high frameworks, here is the choice of an AMD 3400g processor very logical. This processor is ideal for you with the integrated Radeon RX Vega 11 card that delivered good 1080P performance but with fewer frames and without the need to purchase a separate graphics card now.

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