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7 reasons why a PC is the best gaming console than a console?


What makes the computer the best gaming platform?

The first reason: the computer is more customizable

Consoles don't offer many options when it comes to customizing internal components. Looking at the current generation (that is, the eighth generation), we find that the only thing available for replacement is the storage disk ... only! If a 1 TB disk isn't enough, you can upgrade to a 2 TB or 4 TB disk. But computers are much more customizable, you have complete freedom to change every piece, and you can even assemble a gaming PC from scratch. Plus, they are flexible devices with the budget, I mean if you don't have big money and want to put together a cheap device but capable of running 2013 games for example, then there is no problem with that. If you want to run the 2019 games on this same device, you can simply purchase a powerful graphics card. So, you can select parts that are perfect for your needs rather than being restricted to parts chosen by the console manufacturers.

The second reason: the ability to play online for free

Console devices have other hidden costs aside from purchasing the device itself and buying games, as in order to play online you need a paid subscription. For example, subscribing to PlayStation Plus or Xbox Live Gold to get the most out of the functionality of these devices, and they cost $ 60 annually. Even Switch you have to pay $ 20 a year to play online with friends. Whereas on computers, it is not necessary to pay to play in a team. You can have fun as much as you want for free except for MMO games that usually require a subscription for them. In general, you can play online and use this money to buy computer accessories, upgrade components, or buy more games.

The third reason: the availability of many different models of control units

The multiplicity of models and methods of controlling games is also among the reasons that make computers the best gaming platform. For console devices, the user is usually stuck with the same joystick that comes with the device. But on the computer, the user can control the games in different ways. You can rely on a mouse and keyboard if you play first-person shooter or real-time strategy games, but for the quality of games that are not good using the keyboard, you can connect a controller via USB and play with it. In addition to that, you can make use of other gaming accessories like steering wheel for racing games. All of these methods provide a better gaming experience and provide you with many options to choose the best way according to the type of games you like to play.

The fourth reason: the computer offers unique graphics quality!

If you are looking for the best quality game graphics, PC platform is your only option. Computer capabilities provide you with full visual effects and detailed in-game controls. The computer also features the ability to control everything related to the game, from the quality of graphics to the movement of water and night shadow, and this is what attracts some gaming professionals for the computer more than the console. Of course, with a computer with powerful hardware and a high-quality screen, you will get a unique gaming experience that is far better than any console until the eighth generation of them. Whether you want to play in 4K resolution or play games at a more frame rate (Frame Per Second), you can achieve it using a computer with the right capabilities.

The fifth reason : The stores of computer games are endless

On consoles, besides purchasing game CDs, the options for downloading them digitally are not so numerous. In fact, the user is only in front of the official store of the company such as the Nintendo eShop or the PlayStation Store. Although these stores serve well, the computer platform has endless options. Steam is the flagship store for digital distribution of desktop games, and is known for its massive sales annually. But there are also non-Steam game buying stores like GOG that offer games without DRM restrictions. And Origin which has huge discounts available constantly. Humble Bundle lets you get loads of games for a low price. Hence, you will not be restricted to one store to buy computer games. And don't forget that you can also get premium games for free.

The sixth reason: the ability to run old games

The ability to play old games is something that may be unique to the desktop platform. So you can play any game that was released for Windows in the last decade! In 2019 without any problems. You just need to set the compatibility mode for the game so that the gameplay deludes that you are using an old operating system and thus becomes playable. The Xbox One console has great backward compatibility, but that doesn't apply to all consoles either. The Nintendo Switch cannot run Wii U games and the PlayStation has no talk of being able to run old games. Always keep in mind that a platform that can play years old games like a computer is a smart investment

The seventh reason: the computer is not only intended for playing

One of the most important things that makes the computer the best gaming platform is that it is not only intended for games. Meaning that you can spend a huge amount not for playing games, but you can make the most of the computer in performing various other tasks as well. If your device is capable of running the latest games, then you can use it to handle heavy tasks like editing videos. Of course, you can check email and work on office software packages ... and other great and useful uses. Instead of buying a console dedicated only to games and buying a computer dedicated to other tasks.

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