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Reasons why Google delete your Blogger blog

The reasons for deleting the blog may be overlooked by many bloggers, so we present to you in the coming lines the most important reasons for deleting the blogger blog and how to bypass this problem so that it does not fall into it

Blogging has become an open field for everyone to write about the most important topics discussed by Internet users

Additionally, Blogger Blog is a source for making money online

But some blogs are subject to deletion by Google, but we must shed light on the most important reasons for deleting the blogger blog, so it is not in Google's interest to delete blogs unless you find something harmful in this blog.

At this moment, you must know the reasons for deleting the Blogger blog, so that you can skip it and not violate Google's laws

In the beginning, we must acknowledge that there is nothing between Google and your blog but to provide useful content to users, and when Google decides to delete your blog, this is due to your failure to comply with the laws approved by Google


What are the reasons for removing Blogger blog?

As we mentioned previously, Google does not delete blogs except when their owner violates Google's laws

So, let's get to know the most important reasons for deleting your blog in order to avoid these errors

1. Blog content

Content is the main thing, so if you display content that is useless and does not provide any benefit to the audience, you will eventually delete your blog

There are contents completely banned by Google, such as content that contains words or scenes calling for violence or racial discrimination

In addition to that, internationally prohibited activities such as selling weapons and the like

Stolen content, which is the point where many bloggers fall, is to publish content from other sites without mentioning the main source

If someone informs Google that your blog content is stolen, your blog will be permanently deleted

And be careful to avoid transferring content especially from sites that do not allow this, as there are sites that completely prohibit copying even with the mention of the source

2. Blog appearance

When you choose the right template for your blog, you will find tons of free and paid templates

And a lot of blog owners may overlook that there are free templates that their owners do not allow to download and use in other blogs

You must obtain a license from the owner of the template in order not to report to Google

3. The internal structure of the blog

We can define the internal structure of the blog as the codes that are used in the blog

As there are some templates and add-ons that contain viruses that may harm the user's device

This is caused by the use of traditional templates by stealing the original template codes

4. Use of inappropriate images

The use of terrifying images is one of the things that lead to taking strict action against your blog and having it deleted by Google

5. Violating the privacy of others

When you publish personal information about a person without his permission, such as his address or his national number, these matters lead to the deletion of your blog, without a doubt

6. Hackers education blogs

Recently, a number of programs have spread that advocate infiltrating users' computers

If your blog offers such programs that infringe on the privacy of others, this prompts Google to delete your blog immediately

7. Illegal clicks

The main goal of creating a blog is to profit from it, but in order for profit to take place in a legitimate way, clicks must come from the users themselves without interference from you.

But if you click on the ads with the aim of increasing profit, then this harms your blog and leads to its deletion

In the end, after we touched upon the most important reasons that lead to deleting your blog, be careful to avoid these mistakes that most bloggers may make and adhere to Google's laws since the beginning of the blog's creation on blogger platform

For example, using the paid template that has the permission to use it freely without any restriction or fear of deleting the blog

In addition, be careful to write useful content that introduces new information to the audience and not copy and paste from other sites

Likewise, a good selection of the images that are displayed in the content must be relevant to the topic you are talking about and not be violent or inappropriate in general.

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