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4 Reasons Digital Marketing Is More Effective Than Traditional Marketing

After giving my time  in the marketing for more than few years now, I have seen several changes. In the past, signs of billboards, newspaper advertisements, TV advertisements, and Word of Mouth Marketing ruled highest. If you want to get the Word out there, all you have to do is use one of these channels.

Today, most of the roads will not work (with the exception of mouth to mouth). Consumers spend more time online and therefore, your marketing strategy must adjust. The company that will hold time tests is blogging, interacting with fans on social media, buying digital advertisements on leading publications and making YouTube videos. Obviously, these companies customize.

1. Digital Marketing Provides A Wide Reach

Most traditional marketing is limited as far as reach. Yes, commercial TV can reach a broad audience, but what about advertising board advertisements or newspapers? Unfortunately, your audience is limited by those who drive from billboards or read the newspaper. The same cannot be said about digital marketing.

With digital marketing, your audience is only limited by your imagination. Whether you promote your brand through social media, your website or other digital outlets, your audience will never be disconnected (unless you want).

More and more consumers flock to Google, Facebook, Pinterest, Yahoo and Bing to find leading contractors in their area. This consumer mentions your name and the only way to answer is through digital.

2. Digital Marketing Makes It Easy To Connect

As far as connecting, if a consumer is interested in your brand, they will give you a call or try to connect via email or social media. However, I am of the opinion that digital marketing allows you to connect to a deeper level than that can be done by traditional marketing outlets.

Digital marketing lets you see what is interested in your fans. Yes, they might be interested in renovating the bathroom, but more specifically, they might be interested in the renovation of the modern bathroom or the essence of the bathroom or heavy rain. Their activities on social media can tell you all you need to know to make a deep connection with your customers. As long as you listen and respond, digital marketing must make it easy to connect with your customers.

3. Digital Marketing Provides Better Targeting

One of the main advantages of traditional digital is targeting. When you install a Billboard sign, you don't know who is driving. Yes, people who live in the area are most likely driving, but what about guests or those who just passed? They are most likely not your target audience, so why do you spend marketing money?

Fortunately, digital marketing lets you target the right customers you want to reach. If you want to share an amazing new video video with 30-35 women in the San Francisco area who like dogs, wood floors, and lazy chairs, you can focus all your digital efforts on the right audience. There is no traditional outlet in the world that can be specific to targeting.

4. Digital Marketing Provides Better Tracking

The biggest advantage of digital has been excessive is tracking. When you run newspaper ads, you don't know exactly how many people see the ad. Next, you don't know how many customers call you as a result of your ad. Yes, some companies provide different telephone numbers, but some track results.

Whatever the digital marketing path you use, of course can be tracked, recorded, and reviewed. If you use your website to Garner Leads, you can see how many visitors you get through Google Analytics. If you run a Facebook ad, you can see how many people click on your website. If you apply email marketing, you can see how many people open your email, click on the link in your email and / or call you for offers.

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