Sunday, March 21, 2010

Wireless Routers

Some problems that are concerning wireless routers are appearing more and more often and so many people have to deal with them all over the world that they are worth mentioning in one place.

1. I forgot the user/password used to access the router; I modified the routers address, what can I do? If you modified the address of the router and now you can not access the configuration page in nay way, since that new address assigned by you is not store in any document and you managed to forget it, or if you have changed the access password for the Admin account and you dont seem to be able to remember it, then you have only one solution. Each router should have a button that can be used to reset it to factory setting. Once that button is pressed, all setting will be erased and go back to default.

2. The router is resetting often. What can be done? This is a rather complex problem. At first, you should see if the router is under attack. Deactivate the ping answer on the outside. Try to reset the router or do a firmware update. If the router in not under attack and the firmware seems to be up to date, then there might be a problem with the power cord.

3. How can a wireless routers firmware be upgraded? This is very simple to do. All that needs to be conducted is to download a new Firmware version from the producers website and not from somewhere else. After you have downloaded the firmware you should make sure the archive is not corrupted for some reason because if the upgrade is not done properly up to the end you can deteriorate the device permanently. If send in warranty, they do not fix problems caused by firmware upgrades gone badly.

4. I can not forward a wireless port. It all depends on the routers user manual. If you can not do it according to those specifications, try allocating static or dynamic IPs.

5. If I dont use the internet for a while, it will disconnect. What can be done? There is an option that fixes this: you can opt in to leave the router connected forever to the internet or to let it disconnect after a while.

6. Am I allowed to share the pay on my internet bill with the neighbors? Usually not, but you must read the signed agreement. Usually you are not allowed to resell part of a service that is meant to be used by a physical person to another person.

7. Can I save the routers setting? Many routers offer this advantage. The setting can be saved in a file on the hard disk. For more details you should refer to the user manual.


Credits : Mark Dunne