Sunday, March 21, 2010

Top 10 Twitter tools to help dominate Twitter

Twitter tools help you have a better experience while you are using The popularity of this exciting site is growing by leaps and bounds. These tools will help you manage and organize your activities better. You may end up following so many people that you may not be aware of how many of those people are following you back. Not just that, you may lose track of the people you are following and forget why you started following them in the first place.
The following Twitter tools will help you organize your followers and manage them in a better manner.
1. Twitter Grader
The Twitter grader uses an algorithm to grade your followers in a points system ranging from one to hundred. From the grade given to each follower, you can find out how “followed” they are and decide whether you wish to continue following them.
2. Twinfluence
Twinfluence is a scientific measurement tool which will help you to decide which Twitter user you wish to follow. This tool is similar in principle to the Twitter Grader, but its workings are a little different.
3. Tweetcloud
For most users, the type of content that others tweet about is important while deciding whom to follow. Tweetcloud will form a tag cloud on the type of content that people tweet about. This will help the users to decide on whether they wish to follow a particular person or not.
4. Twitter Karma
Twitter Karma helps its users to know who they are following but are not following them back, with whom they have a mutual follow/follow back relationship and who are those tweeds who are following them but are not being followed back.
5. Friend or Follow
Friend or follow is a tool which is similar to Twitter Karma in principle. This tool is more useful to those users who have a large number of followers, follows and fans to manage.
6. Quitter
Quitter is a very useful tool. Whenever some users stop following you, Quitter notifies you through e-mail. It even tells you what drove them away. You can use the feedback from Quitter and be more careful with what you tweet about in future.
7. Nest. Unclutterer
This tool will automatically block access to your tweets to those users who are following more than a specified number of users or whose accounts have been inactive for a specified time. This tool will help you make sure that the people following you are genuine friends of yours.
8. Twittoria
This is a tool which will let you know which of your tweeps have been inactive for a specified time period, such as a week, fortnight or a month. Then you can decide whether you wish to remove them or not.
9. TweetSum
TweetSum studies the information about all your follows/follow backs and rates them using the Double Bag Index. This will help you to know who the potentially annoying tweeps are and then make a decision about them.
10. Tweepler
Tweepler is one of the Twitter tools which can be used to manage new tweeps. This allows you to peek into the follow/follow back lists of your new follows/follow backs and also tells you what type of content they tweet about.

Credits : Ahmed Usman

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