Friday, December 12, 2008

Features To Look For In Free Downloadable PC Security Software

Computer security software is readily available for free over the internet. While major corporations still produce extensive security software packages that are marketed for consumer purchase, they still release smaller versions that can be downloaded for free. When shopping for a free security software package, try to find ones that have as many of the following features as possible:Personal Firewalls - these are geared towards blocking active attempts by other terminals to access your computer over the internet. When looking for a free firewall, find one that has an easy user interface. This is because firewall settings are a major determinant in the extent of security they provide, so the interface should allow you to easily adjust these settings to suit your needs.Anti virus - anti virus software ideally should not only be able to detect and block incoming viruses, but should be able to detect existent viruses that are already in your system and clean them out. Since there are new viruses constantly being made, as well as thousands of existing known viruses, the best thing to look for in a virus software is an extensive database of viruses it can deal with, as well as constant updates on the latest viruses discovered.Adware and Pop Up Blockers - these are specialized programs similar to firewalls whose primary purpose is to keep ads, spam, and annoying pop ups from flooding your screen when you're accessing the internet. While not necessarily harmful, the sheer volume of these can, if unrestricted by a blocker, bog your computer speed down drastically.Anti Spyware - spyware is a form of virus that you should definitely consider protecting yourself against. While not a classic self-replicating and destructive virus per se, spyware actually inserts itself into your system and allows a hacker on a remote terminal to access your personal information This can range from simply monitoring and viewing your information and activities, to actually controlling your computer's functions. Spyware protection programs ideally should be able to not only block intrusion attempts, but to detect active spyware that manages to sneak in your system, and cut off its access.Anti Trojan Programs - Trojan viruses are special viruses that are usually disguised as a different program. For example, a trojan virus may appear to be a harmless game or a music file that you can download. Anti Trojan Programs scan all files that you attempt to download off the internet to make sure they are secure. Like regular anti virus programs, make sure the anti trojan program you select has a good coverage of known trojans.

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