Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Options For Database Expansion

The computer has permitted us to store files in its hard disk for purposes of easy retrieval, a particular kind of system that you can use to organize files in your computer are the so called database system. However, there are certain instances when these databases need to be managed so as to assured of the correctness of the sorting of the files.

Coping With Database Growth

In some cases, it's not only due to proper sorting assurance that a person has to manage his database. Since you are continuously updating the files on your database, it is but inevitable for the database to grow. This is one incident that the computer user has to manage accordingly, and to do so all you have to do is to follow the succeeding steps.

You ought to be reminded that when you make your database, you must identify the preliminary size which you will allot for your log files and your data or you may just accept the standard size. Seeing that data is continuously added on the database, of course it is but normal for it to become full.

However, you must deliberate if the database will grow and how much will it grow from the primary space that you have allotted. In the event that additional data would be placed on the database than the usual amount that it can contain.


1. In creating your database, it is best that you create your files as large as it could be as grounded from your assumed maximum volume of data that you might store in the database.

2. You may allow your database to grow, but be sure to know the limits of its growth rate by explicitly indicating the maximum growth of the data while leaving a sufficient space on your hard disk.

3. Properly plan to include more disk space on your computer.

4. It is advised that you put in extra file groups or files on your database. However, you should be advised that its volume must not go overboard the primary size of the database.

5. If in case your database gets filled with data, you shouldn't add any more data until the database gets expanded.

If expanding your database isn't a part of your plan, then you might want to settle for the fragmentation of your files with the use of files or file groups into various local disks that you have available.

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