Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Most Important Computer Tools Every Beginner User Should Know About

Your computer can do a lot of things to make your life a lot easier. It can help you communicate with people regardless of your geographical distance, access information, make computations, process and create images, listen to music, view videos, order and purchase things, etc. If you're a new computer user, here are some of the most important tools you should know about:

Word Processor

The word processor is a program that allows you to perform many tasks. Although it is commonly used to type texts to produce letters, memos, manuscripts and research papers, it can also handle simple text manipulation if you need to produce a basic brochure or newsletter.

The word processor can also be used for presentations. You can embed photographic images, photos and graphs and label them with the appropriate texts. If you like to keep a journal or a planning to come up with your own novel someday, the word processor is your tool.


The spreadsheet is another important tool for your computer. It accepts texts and figures and is also capable of performing basic and advanced computations. It is often used as a computing tool, although it can also handle text and graphics. Basically, it functions as a calculator so if you don't have one, use this tool.

The spreadsheet page looks like a blank page divided by rows (numerical) and columns (alphabetical), producing rectangular blocks called cells. Within each cell, which is expandable, you can perform certain tasks, such as inputting texts and/or numbers or create formulas. You can then use these formulas to allow the cells to interact and result to an effective mathematical or statistical computation.


The browser allows you to access the internet. It is a program that downloads data from the World Wide Web and translates them to produce a readable text or image. The browser is an important computer tool, providing you with the means with which to obtain information, view files online and communicate with other people through e-mails or instant messages, although the latter can be a separate tool.

Other Tools

Certain computer tools such as those designed for image editing and publishing and those that allow you to create presentations are also important. Desktop publishing just became easier thanks to these tools, which allow you to do design and layout.

Tools that help you maintain the health of your computer are also important, such as anti-virus software and anti-spyware. These ensure that your computer is safe and secure by protecting it from threats that damage your software and hardware and render your computer useless.

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