Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Instant Messaging: Better Option Than emails And Phone Calls

Communicating with people from all corners of the globe is now possible by way of email, by mobile phone, and now by instant messaging. So now you won't feel that you are too far from people even though you are continents apart.

If you are to assess the capacity of instant messaging, the reality is that you are having a live conversation with someone. It is way cheaper than making international calls but it is faster and more enjoyable than email.

Necessary Preparations

To start with your instant message endeavor, you will have to download and install first an instant messaging software. Then you will need to register on that program, after doing so you may then start messaging your peers and if possible some new ones.

The actual process begins with your selection of which software to use for instant messaging, you can choose from ICQ, Yahoo messenger, AOL instant messenger, MSN instant messenger and of course Odigo or Omni. Also, you need to prepare the other things that you need, which consists of a reliable internet connection and of course a computer.

Instant Messaging Process

As soon as you have chosen the software, then you may download the software to your computer. Typically, you will download an installer program, when you have downloaded it all you need to do is to double click it then it will install by itself.

You will also need to register on the software because it is also part of the entire process. After that you'll accept your own nickname which will be the name that the others need to select when they want to send a message to you. Usually, your email ID becomes your nickname.

Buddy List

Since the very purpose of instant messaging is to be able to send a message to your friends, then you must be familiar with the so called buddy list or more popularly known as friend's list or contact list. You must obtain the instant messaging ID of your friends to be able to send them a message. But before that you need to add them up first and for their permission for you to have them on your buddy list.

By the moment that you have downloaded your software and have added a friend or two on your buddy list then you are now ready to send your very first message. This is possible by simply double-clicking the nickname of the person then a message box appears and that is where you will type your message.

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