Wednesday, June 25, 2008

How To Surf The Internet

The Internet is one of the most important services ever developed for the use and benefit of the entire mankind. That is because almost any important transaction is dependent on the online media. Nowadays, the Web is a venue where information and entertainment can be attained conveniently and quickly. Banking, shopping, trading and other basic and business transactions are now facilitated in different online portals.

Nowadays, the skill in properly using the Internet is a must. Almost all industries now rely on the online media for basic operations. People constantly need to do research, and there is no other place as convenient for such an activity as the Internet. For people who have 'techno stress' and who are still not familiar with the basic Web surfing applications, here are some basic Internet surfing procedures.

1. Start up with the basic desktop screen setting. Double click the Internet application icons. Internet browsing programs run at either Internet Explorer, Netscape or Mozilla FireFox. Once the Internet screen appears, click on the address box at the top side of the page and type Google, Yahoo, MSN or whatever search engine you like.

2. In the search engine startup page, find the search box. Click the box until there is a prompt, a signal that you could type any word anytime.

3. Formulate search keywords for the subject you need to research. Simplify the keywords but make sure they are concise and are accurate. For example, the subject 'states in the United States' could have an operational keyword of 'states US'. Click search or press the 'enter' key at your keyboard afterwards.

4. A results page would appear shortly. In a page, there could be about 10 to 20 links enumerated. You could double click on any active links if you want to check out the contents of a Web page cited in the results list.

5. If the content isn't satisfactory to you, go back to the results page and check out other sites. If you need to restart a search, simply go back to the search engine page.

6. If you know a specific address of a site, just type it in the address box. Press 'enter' afterwards to initiate the surfing action.

You will find that surfing the Web is an addictive activity. Learning about the basic skill in doing the task will surely prepare you for whatever need you may have using the online media in the future.

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