Wednesday, June 25, 2008

How To Post Pictures On Your Social Network Page Without A Hitch

We all know how popular social network sites are these days and how quite a large number of people are registered on them. These social networking sites are often places where people share information about themselves and about the things that they enjoy doing. They also get to meet new people and rekindle old friendships on these sites. Another thing that people love doing on social network sites, like Multiply, MySpace and Friendster, is to post pictures of themselves, whether they be pictures of activities with friends, solo shots or even artistic pictures that they've edited with the use of picture editing software.

How To Post Pictures On Friendster

Used to be, posting pictures on social network pages like MySpace of Friendster involved a process that had you uploading your pictures one at a time. These days, with the constant improvement that social network sites keep on exacting, you can post multiple pictures at one time. Here, we will tackle how you can post pictures on Friendster.

1. On your home page, click on the phrase upload photos under the My Tools category.

2. You can then choose to upload photos for public viewing or you can upload photos for a select few in a private photo area.

3. You can then click on browse and choose the pictures you will want to see on your Friendster.

4. After you choose all the pictures you want to see on your Friendster on the Upload Queue, you can click on the start Upload button to begin the upload of your pictures on your Friendster profile.

5. If your pictures exceed the memory limit of 2.0 mb per picture, you may need to reduce the quality or size of your photos with a little editing before you can successfully upload them.

6. Once these pictures are successfully uploaded to your Friendster profile, you can then add the captions for each picture as you see fit.

Arrange Your Pictures

Since the way you upload your pictures is the way you will see them appearing on your profile page, you can actually edit the arrangement according to how you want them to appear. This kind of a feature gives you the opportunity to see your pictures in the order you want them to appear.

For other Social Network sites, you may be using a different picture upload system or method as compared to Friendster but most of these picture upload techniques are pretty simple and have easy to follow instructions so you won't actually have a hard time uploading your pictures on your personal profile page.

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