Wednesday, June 25, 2008

How To Change The Wallpaper Of Your Desktop Computer

The computer's wall paper is the image or view behind the icons. It fills the entire area of the screen and any computer user sees it all the time unless the windows opened cover it. Some computer users say an interesting and refreshing desktop wallpaper provides relief for tired eyes. So, why not have a variety of wallpapers by changing it as often as conveniently possible?

Sources Of Wallpaper

The image to be installed as desk top wallpaper maybe chosen from the background list in the Display Properties box , from scanned pictures, or downloaded online. There are a lot of choices and photos of loved ones is a popular choice of wallpaper.

Scanned pictures should be saved at the resolution compatible to the computer's setting, which is either 640x480, 800x600, or 1024x768. In downloading online, check also for the right resolution and size. To check the resolution, right click the mouse on any vacant space on the desktop, click on properties and the setting tab in the Display Properties box. Record the pixel size for reference.

How To Change The Wallpaper

Close all windows before starting to change the wallpaper. The following procedure is for Windows users:

1. Click on "Start"

2. On the expanded box, click on "Control Panel" and a window opens.

3. On the control panel window, click on the "Display" icon and the Display Properties box shall appear OR simply right click anywhere on the desktop, then choose "Properties" and the Display Properties box shall also appear.

4. Select "Desktop" and choose from the list of background images. The actual image of each item on the list is displayed in the preview screen. Is the wallpaper to be installed is from a file of photos, click "Browse" and select the photo to be installed.

5. From the Display Properties box, choose to Center, Tile or Stretch to resize the image to fit the screen.
6. Click 'OK"

To change the wallpaper back to the original image, follow the following procedure:

1. Right click mouse on clear space of the desktop.
2. Click "Properties"
3. Click on "Desktop" tab
4. Select former image from the background list or browse if the former image is from one of the files on the computer.

Hours of clicking away in front of a computer will be less tiring and boring if once in a while, as a window is closed, you see a pleasant view, the face of a loved one or a picture taken during a very memorable vacation.

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