Wednesday, June 25, 2008

How To Change The Look Of Your Computer Desktop

Your desktop screen is basically where your stares and eyesight will be when you get bored. If you are tired and bored of the same old look on your computer monitor, it is time to ramp up how your desktop looks. By doing so, you will bolster and improve the aesthetic appeal of the device and make it more fun-filled and appealing to the eyes.

Here are some simple ways you can improve how your desktop looks. Before any other initiative, simply make the display property menu appear in the screen by right clicking the mouse without pointing at anything but a blank space in your desktop screen. From then, you could simply choose what actions to take.

- To change the background image, click on the 'background' button on the display properties dialog box. From there, choose a background picture listed underneath a white box. Choose whether you'd like to stretch the image or if you want to put in the center or set is as tile image. Press 'ok'.

- Set the appearance of the desktop screen. To do this, double click the 'appearance' button. Choose a scheme and the type of item you want to modify. You can also set an active color scheme for all desktop and computer applications. Click 'ok' afterwards.

- To set the resolution of the screen and the screen size of everything that would be showed in it, double click the 'settings' button. There will be a bar that you can adjust to set the size of the images to be exhibited on the screen. Move the bar to the right to make images appear bigger. Move the bar to the left to make the screen images appear smaller. You can also adjust the color resolution of the screen using the color tab on the same screen. Don't forget to click 'ok' once your preferred settings are done.

- If you want to set a screen saver so as to further liven up your PC screen, click on the 'Screen Saver' button and choose a design you like. As usual, click 'ok' after the move.

When you have your desktop screen all set; you will enjoy sitting in front of your PC even during a long and winding day. Regularly change the display settings of your PC screen to make your stay in front of the PC always interesting.

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