Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Getting Organized With Your Computer

If you can see the importance of organizing your materials on your desk, then you might have also realized how significant it is to get the files on your computer arranged in order. That is the very function of the folder feature of our computers. Since there usually comes a point when we our hard disk gets full of files which results in difficulty finding our files in it.

Filing Protocol

You must learn to organize your documents so that they won't be scattered everywhere. Now that you are aware of the necessity, the next thing that you need to know is how you can create folders in your computer. To get started, all you need to do is to follow these simple steps.

1. Be acquainted on how the filing system in your computer works. Different computers have different directory trees and systems which you must first learn so that you won't lose your files in the future.

2. Determine which folder you want to keep your files. If you are using the Windows operating system, it has a My Documents folder where you can choose from various directories to store your files.

However, you should be reminded that this directory might encounter some complications from time to time, particularly, when a virus gets attached to any document in it and eventually the document gets sent to everyone in your address book. The reason why this one is advised by me is because most Windows systems save files in this directory by default.

3. Make sub folders within your document storage area. As soon as you have decided where to store your files you may start creating subfolders to further keep your document organized. Nevertheless, the Windows system has some sub folders already which you can also use but if you prefer to create your own folders then that would be fine.

4. Sub folders should be titled by the subject or by its content. Need I say more?

This kind of system allows your files to be accessed easily especially when they are categorized properly. With that goal in your head, you shouldn't dare save your files on your desktop for purposes of finding them more easily because it has the tendency to hamper your computer's memory.

Though you may see it immediately, it is still preferable to have it organized in a folder so that there won't be any hassle in case you want to transfer the files.

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