Sunday, June 29, 2008

Do You Need A File Encryption Program?

As the worlds becomes more advanced each day, it also seems to grow less and less secure. The creation of new virtual venues has also paved the way to the emergence of places where people can be victims of criminal activity such as fraud and identity theft. In the real world, people of high stature get the service of body guards and security forces. Would such protective measures also be beneficial for the world of data?

Most people think that data security is something that only large business entities would have to be concerned about. However, the internet is an open channel can be accessed by anyone. And now that people are doing more personal matters through the internet, such banking shopping, sending confidential male and personal letters, it is probably just right for people to take more steps to keep their privacy and security.

The answer to this situation is file encryption, which is basically a more sophisticated and powerful manifestation of the age-old art of ciphering that has been used by humans throughout history. Do you actually need to take advantage of such programs that make your files secure through complicated encryption? Perhaps knowing more about file encryption would help you decide the right answer to this question.

What exactly is a File Encryption Program?

A file encryption program basically uses complex algorithms to create codes for file contents so that they cannot easily be read by people other than their intended recipients. File encryption programs write messages, files, and other content into codes that can only be deciphered by persons who would have a decoder. It is somewhat similar to the way students write secret messages in class, they use different ways to manipulate messages in such a way that other people would not be able to understand them.

The big difference between the codes that people make and file encryption programs write is the complexity of the encryption being made. While the codes people normally make could take just a few analytical hours or minutes to decipher, the ones made by computers are so complex that they cannot be able to be unraveled by practically anyone even for a lifetime. In fact, even other computers who would not be able to decipher the codes without the right decoder.

The function of file encryption go beyond the field of information technology – computer files and electronic messages, it is also used by other industries such as in the entertainment business. For instance, DVD movies are encrypted so that digital video could not easily be converted into VHS format by consumers. Encryption is also used in to scramble videos of pay-per-view channels and only those who would pay would be given the codes to unscramble the reception.

Perhaps the most important application for file encryption programs is for privacy protection of people and organizations. The most commonly known example is this would be the message encryption being done for confidential electronic messages and projects being sent via the internet. Another example would be the decryption used for telephone conversations and satellite transmissions that help protect the security of concerned parties.

Do you actually need to get a file encryption program?

As mentioned, file encryption has many functions and the need for such security measures depends on the way you use your data and the way you go about your activities in open channels such as the internet. You have to carefully check what exactly you do when you are online.

Do you do banking transactions through the internet, or do you just view websites of your favorite stars? Do you send business messages and projects to your clients and colleagues through email, or do you just send jokes and funny quotes to your friends? Do you shop online and give out your credit card information, or do you just window shop and check out what you can buy in real stores?

When deciding whether you would need file encryption or not, you have to ask yourself if the things you do online actually require you to be secure. If you normally give vital personal information such as your credit card, social security number, addresses, and the like, then you might benefit from buying a file encryption program. But if you do not really do things that could compromise your security then, perhaps getting file encryption would just be a waste of your money.

But still, it never hurts to be safe. If you have extra cash and would like to be sure that you do not fall prey to the many dangers that lurk in technology, then by all means go and get a file encryption program. In these days where the world is becoming more and more complex, one can never be certain of what could happen.

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