Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Creating My Speedy Communication Device

Emails are now as indispensable as mobile phones, especially if you are communicating with people from a location where mobile phone communication is unfeasible. The convenience that it offers in terms of sending your message to people is highly commendable compared to the traditional snail mail, which could literally take you ages before you'd be able to receive it.

Though a many people have been using this system for quite some time now, there are still a few people who are yet to be familiar with the emailing system. All the more with the system of opening an email account.

My First Email Account

Yahoo is among the list of the Web's most dependable and established email providers. Usually, beginners can start with their system due to the fact that they are offering free email service along with its advanced and trouble free set up arrangement. To get started with your own email account you need to follow a couple of simple steps.

1. Drop by the yahoo mail home page to get started.

2. You must click the link which says 'sign up' which is usually located at the upper right portion of the yahoo home page.

3. After that you must type in some of your basic information like your name in the fields provided.

4. In the portion where you have to select your username and password, you have to come up with a username that you will be comfortable with for a long period of time. Moreover, it should also help the other users identify you when you send them emails.

Your password on the other hand must be six characters long and you must bear in mind to remember how you have exactly typed it because the system is case-sensitive.

5. After you completed the fields which are necessary, you may then proceed to the verification process. This step is where you select a question which you need to answer in case you forget either your password or your username.

When you have finished all the steps then you may proceed in opening your account on the yahoo mail home page by keying in your username and password. Now, you can start sending emails to anywhere and anyone on the globe by using your email account. Communicating with other people need not be hard, you just have to be resourceful.

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