Thursday, June 23, 2011

How to Choose a Good Domain Name

Some people tell me that all the good domain names are taken, but that is not true. Follow these tips for when you search for a domain name and hopefully this will help you grab a good one.

Remember domain names are a couple of cheeseburgers and a coke a year to own, and you can really never own enough of them.

Tips for Avoiding Poor Domain Names

*Avoid using domains that are deliberately misspelled.
Ex: SellURHome2Us vs. SellYourHomeToUs

* Avoid using domains with hyphens.
Ex: WeBuyPrettyHouses vs. We-Buy-Pretty-Houses

*Avoid using domains that are way too long.

*Avoid using domains that are meaningful only to you.
Ex: (investor or bank?)

*Avoid using .org unless you want people to think you're a non-profit organization.
Ex: (non-profit?)

*Avoid using unpopular domain extensions such as
.info, .tv, .cc, .ws, .name, etc. for your Primary Domain.

Tips for Choosing Good Domain Names

*Choose a domain that is short as possible.

*Choose a domain that is easy to spell and remember.

*Choose a value laden domain that says what you do.

*Try to purchase a .com or a .net if possible. If you are really set on a certain domain name, settle for a .biz or .us if necessary.

*Purchase so that no one else will.

*Purchase the .net, .biz, .us and all others too if you can.

*If your company name is taken, try adding an “Inc” or “LLC” to the end of the name and see if that is available.

*Anytime you get a good .com domain, tie up the .net, .biz, .us and any other variations of the name so others can't.

*If you find a really good domain name, purchase it for more than one year. Tie it up for as long as you can.

*When purchasing domain names, be sure to set them to automatically renew so you don't forget to renew.

*Don't use on your marketing material if your company name is vague or ambiguous.

*Make your domains private or unlisted for anonymity.

*Private domains also keep your email and fax off the public WHOIS database and help prevent SPAM and junk faxes.

*Make a list of all the words you would like to use in your domain name.
Ex: We + Buy + Houses + Fast

*If your name is taken, rearrange the words or insert new words in between them.
Ex: We + Buy + Atlanta + Houses or Homes

*Make a complete list of all the domains you want to purchase.

 Tips and Tricks

*Domains that are mapped to your websites are “attached” to your sites.

*Domains that are forwarded, are not attached to your site, but are simply redirected to your site.


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