Saturday, July 05, 2008

How to make a folder in the Quick Launch Bar

For those of us that have lots of launch icons for programs, webpages, etc. in the Windows Quick Launch Bar, did you know you can make a folder to organize and store even more Icons for the above mentioned and launch them with the same quickness? If you are not using Quick Launch, you are missing out. Open the "Quick Launch" by right clicking on the "Start" button and then "Properties" and on the window that opens, click the "Taskbar" tab and put a check mark in "Show Quick Launch" > then read on:

Here's how to do it in Windows XP: Right click the My Computer Icon, the click "Explore" then expand (click the +) of the (C:) 'Active Partition', and then expand the "Documents and Settings" (You need at this point to make sure you are not hiding "Hidden Files and Folders" by sliding up to the "Tools" on the task bar of "My Computer's" window, and then "Folder Options...", and then "View" and look down the list to "Hidden Files and Folders" and put a tick mark in the "Show Hidden Files and Folders" if you don't have that checked already) - now back to: ->... after the expansion of "Documents and Settings", look down to <"your user name"> and expand the "+" sign there. Under your <"user name"> expand the (+) by "Application Data" and look down to "M*cros*ft" - expand the (+). Now down to "Internet Explorer" and guess what - expand the (+). Now you will see a folder named "Quick Launch". If you highlight it and look in the right panel -> all the Quick Launch Icons that you have in your Quick Launch Bar will be present (if you are using the "Quick Launch" feature of Windows).

To make a folder among your icons, just right click in an open place in the right hand panel within your icons, and click on "New" and then "Folder" and then name it whatever you want. You can now drag the "Quick Launch" icons to it and drop them in the folder to help you organize. Now you can have the most used shortcut icons visable on the taskbar, and the least used in the folder and just by opening or as described in the next hint, just highlight the folder and they will appear.

The way to do the above is: If you slide the moveable bar on the Taskbar [make sure you don't have it locked and if it is, clear it by right clicking in a blank space before your tray (that's where your clock is) and untick to unlock the "Lock Taskbar"].

Now with the Taskbar unlocked, you can slide the little bar marker over toward the "Start" button and cover some icons and the folder you made. It will open when you hover over it with your mouse and your icons will expand, just like a menu. To 'see' your hidden icons and the folder you created, you will notice you now have ">>" showing on the Toolbar. Just click it with your left mouse button and the hidden shortcuts inside will slide open.

I found this to be very handy and I think you will also. Sorry if this is too detailed for our more experienced users, but remember, we have beginners here also!



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