Wednesday, June 25, 2008

What Browser Is Best For Your Use?

A browser is a computer program that allows you to use the internet to search, download, view and display files on the web that contain text, graphics, video, images and sound. A browser lets you view both internets and intranets, which are closed networks. If you want to know what browser to use, here are different kinds to choose from:

Internet Explorer

IE is the most commonly used browser because it comes bundled with the Windows OS, which many people use. IE has all the necessary components needed to allow users to browse the internet. Its e-mail program is the Outlook Express, which manages messages.

While IE is a browser that does the job well, it is also open to a lot of attacks from viruses, malware and computer hackers because it is the most common. This prompts some computer users to opt for other browsers, such as a

Firefox From Mozilla

Firefox is an open source program so you can download it for free. It is the most common alternative to IE and it has several features. It has a pop-up blocker and allows tabbed browsing so you can open several sites at once without using multiple windows. Firefox also has customizable buttons and tool bars, smart keyboards and excellent security features.

Firefox is quite easy to use and makes browsing the internet convenient. If you download files, for example, it can save these to the computer's desktop, making them easy to locate.

Use Firefox if you prefer a browser other than IE or if you like its extra features.


Opera is another free browser that allows you to load web pages quickly. It also has plenty of extra features that let you have fun while browsing. Like Firefox, it also uses tabs and a built-in pop-up filter and Google search. If you don't like the way your basic browser looks, you can even change 'skins'.

If you're currently an IE user and are switching to Opera, this browser even lets you import your IE settings and e-mail clients. The user interface is designed for ease of use and secured browsing. Once you start using it, it shouldn't be long until you find you're breezing through the World Wide Web with ease.

Other Browsers

There are other browsers that you can use such as Netscape, AOL and Crazy. How well they perform from your perception will depend on what you expect them to do and what you want out of your internet experience. Consider the type of internet usage you have when choosing your browser. But don't worry. If you change your mind, you can always use another browser.

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