Wednesday, June 25, 2008

How To Block Pop-Up Ads In Your PC

Numerous online marketers and companies are aiming to maximize the use of the Internet. Because most consumers are getting online nowadays, various businesses are targeting catching the attention of prospective clients. Thus, as a sign of desperation, those marketers are launching pop-up advertisements.

Pop-up ads are very rampant and common. There are always pop-up ads appearing on your computer screen. Often, those unimportant and insignificant ads are annoying because they are hampering and blocking your computer usage. Here are some measures that will help you prevent or block pop-up ads.

- There are numerous pop-up ads blockers that can easily and conveniently be downloaded online. Basically, you should install any one of those blocking programs and run them so that on your next Internet log on, you will be spared form the hassles of pop-up ads. Most pop-up ads blockers are offered to the market for free from giant search engines like Google and Yahoo.

- If you are using Microsoft Corporation's popular Windows XP and Windows 2000, you can effectively block pop-up ads by installing on your personal computer Windows XP's Firewall or by updating into Windows XP SP2. Doing so will automatically block messenger service and messenger spam, which almost always constitutes pop-up ads.

- Download an anti-virus software that will at the same time function to detect and block different forms of pop-up ads arising from Spyware and Ad-ware. Such anti-virus programs aren't just helpful in keeping you protected from software virus. They are also effective in blocking pop-up ads that are most likely coming up with embedded viruses.

- Refrain from connecting to the online media without first running your firewall and your reliable anti-virus software. If you have installed a pop-up blocker, it will automatically function upon logging in to the Internet.

- Don't frequent websites that are known to spread and disseminate unnecessary pop-up ads. Usually, porn sites facilitate wide circulation of such ads.

Overall, pop-up ads can be prevented by being vigilant and by being cautious when checking out different Websites. If you can help it, try to block and prevent such online ads from appearing on your PC screen. Pop-up ads not only disturb you from your online task; they also pose security and virus threats to your PC.

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